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16.04.2018 Non-invasive signalling device for rupture discs

REMBE GmbH Safety+Control, Brilon, Germany, has introduced the NIMU rupture signalling device that is said to be unbeatable in terms of process leak-tightness. Although it is not the first non-invasive signalling device for rupture discs, it is the most up-to-date and therefore represents state-of-the-art technology.
Conventional signalling devices require cables to be mounted on the rupture disc, which must then be routed out through the rupture disc holder. This is not the case with the NIMU. Here, a signal indicator is attached to the rupture disc during the manufacturing process. The actual sensor is screwed into a blind tapping in the rupture disc holder, where it monitors the position of the signal indicator on the rupture disc. This means that the wiring only starts outside the rupture disc holder. After an overpressure event, and the associated opening of the rupture disc, the outlet part of the rupture disc holder must be removed, the rupture disc replaced, and afterwards the system can be put back into operation. The days when the signalling cables also had to be routed again to the respective switching box are finally over. This allows colleagues from the electrical department to devote their attention to other tasks.
The NIMU, together with other explosion-protection innovations, will be exhibited by REMBE   at ACHEMA on Stand C4, Hall 9.1. 
NIMU, non-invasive signalling from REMBE: showing sensor in a blind tapping in the rupture disc holder, and signal indicator in the rupture disc

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