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23.04.2018 Mapping the world of CIP

Suncombe, Enfield, UK, has released a product map to explain in visual form, the company’s strengths and capabilities in areas of clean-in-place (CIP), bio-waste decontamination treatment and other related processes.  Explaining the reasoning behind the product map’s creation, technical director Steve Overton, said, “In the increasingly specialised world in which we operate, many clients come to us for very specific products and solutions and never really get to see our other capabilities. So the product map is a very easy way for us to show in more detail the range of our equipment – which has been exclusively developed over more than 50 years of operation.”
The product map takes the form of an ‘exploded’ floor plan where equipment from storage and distribution vessels, through mobile and static CIP, skids, mixing vessels, various decontamination units and finally parts and IBC washers are laid out in a logical process operational format. 
Suncombe’s product map

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