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23.04.2018 Ploughshare mixer for battery masses

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau, Paderborn, Germany, points out that in the production of lithium batteries extremely high-quality demands are placed on the preparation of the required raw materials – even to the limits of technical feasibility. For example, the contamination of cathode masses by foreign ions – in particular iron – must be avoided at all costs. Lödige, which will be exhibiting at ACHEMA in Hall 6.0, Stand C2, has addressed this challenging with a special version of its popular Ploughshare® mixer.
The mixing drum has a ceramic lining, but owing to the more complex geometry of the mixing elements a different covering was required for these components. Together with the mixer shaft and choppers, they were provided with a thin, but extremely tough ceramic coating. The coatings can be adjusted to suit the specific application. Standard coating materials are based on aluminium oxide or tungsten carbide. In any event, these wear-resistant, hard coatings are designed for long-term operation.
Because the battery masses contain toxic and carcinogenic components such as cobalt, uncontrolled spillage of the fine powdery substance must be strictly avoided. In particular, the shaft seal is often a weak point. However, modern and application-specific sealing systems guarantee a seal that is superior to a classical stuff box packing. Lödige’s Ploughshare mixer achieves homogeneous mixing of the cathode masses in the shortest possible time. This is essential for the consistent, reproducible quality of these high-tech materials. 
Lödige has introduced a special version of its Ploughshare mixer to meet the extremely high quality demands required for preparation of raw materials in the production of lithium batteries
The mixing drum has a ceramic lining, whilst the mixer shaft and choppers are treated with a thin but extremely tough wear-resistant coating

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