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29.04.2019 Rapid discharge of single-trip bulk bags

Flexicon Europe, Whitstable, UK, is offering a new BULK-OUT discharger for single-trip bulk bags which is designed to feed downstream processes at ultra-high rates. The BFC Series discharger features a cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley for loading a bulk bag without the use of a forklift, and lowering it on to the hopper's four-bladed knife. For applications that are suitable for single-trip bags, cutting the bag bottom from seam to seam reduces labour and cycle times by up to 95%, compared with connecting reusable bags to conventional unloaders, according to the company. 

Pneumatically actuated FLOW-FLEXER bag activators press and release opposite sides of the bag at timed intervals, promoting rapid and complete evacuation of materials, including those with poor flow properties. The periphery of the bag bottom self-seals against a wide-diameter gasket at the rim of the hopper, eliminating the cost and additional headroom required for bag spout interfaces of conventional unloaders.

An optional dust plenum consisting of a hollow hopper rim vented to a plant dust collection system provides a secondary dust containment measure. Compared with reusable bags, many of which are discarded after being used just once, single-trip bags are typically less costly to purchase, and contain less material to be discarded or recycled.


Latest BFC Series single-trip bulk bag discharger from Flexicon

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