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30.04.2018 Revolutionary grain sorting technology

Bühler Group, Uzwil, Switzerland, chose the final week of this year’s Hannover Messe – which closed its doors on 27th April – to unveil a breakthrough in optical sorting technology that will minimise toxic contamination in maize and improve yield, by identifying and removing carcinogenic aflatoxin-infected grains. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, the launch of LumoVision™ is a significant advance for the maize processing industry in its fight against fungal moulds called mycotoxins, the most poisonous of which is aflatoxin. The innovation, which can eliminate up to 90% of contaminated maize, has been developed by Bühler’s Digital Technologies business area, which is centred on the company’s London-based subsidiary. 
LumoVision is the first optical sorting technology able to identify aflatoxin based on direct indicators of contamination, while simultaneously using real-time, cloud-based data to monitor and analyse contamination risk. It works by analysing the colour each kernel fluoresces as it passes under powerful UV lighting in the sorter. Within milliseconds of detection, air nozzles deploy to blow contaminated kernels out of the product stream. The machine processes up to 15t/h of product, eliminating up to 90% of contamination – a significant improvement on currently available technology. A cloud-based solution using infrastructure provided by Microsoft is a key enabler to reducing overall yield loss. 
With LumoVision, food, feed, and pet food manufacturers can protect their product from contamination, avoid the cost of expensive recalls and reputational consequences, while increasing yields and reducing waste. However, it is in regions of the world where there is no food safety regulation or where low resource communities have little choice but to eat contaminated food or go hungry, that LumoVision can have an even bigger impact, saving lives and improving livelihoods. 
LumoVision, unmatched state-of-the-art, data-driven grain sorting technology; Ben Deefholts – below, at right of picture – senior research engineer for Digital Technologies, is shown developing LumoVision in a Bühler application laboratory. 

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