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07.05.2018 Recovering more marketable material from waste

BHS-Sonthofen, based in Sonthofen, Germany, will present its type VRS 1215 pre-shredder at next week’s IFAT 2018. It can be used for pre-shredding of domestic and commercial waste, white goods, electronic waste and building materials. For the first time, BHS optionally supplies the machine with either a tearing table or a counter-crossbeam. This allows customers to adapt it to a wide range of feed materials and desired granulation of the shredded material – which is a key prerequisite for cleanly separating the material by type. 
The tearing table is used when processing bulky feed material. The new counter-crossbeam is ideal for the pre-shredding of materials such as electronic waste. In this application, it is particularly important to cleanly break apart solid components – for example, printer steel shafts – without damaging batteries and capacitors. 
At the same trade show BHS will exhibit its type RS 2018 Rotorshredder with new discharge doors developed specifically for shredding electronic waste. Thanks to the arrangement of the doors, material that has already been separated is prevented from once again mixing with other components. As a result, the machine delivers cleanly separated materials for efficient downstream processing. 
The BHS pre-shredder is especially suitable for processing household as well as industrial bulky waste


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