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07.05.2018 360-degree camera helps ensure precise location of screw conveyors

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, is employing a 360-degree camera to help determine the exact position where its purpose-manufactured screw conveyors are installed in a customer’s plant. The camera produces a complete in-the-round image of the location. The virtual environment can be viewed on a large computer screen. 
The camera is not a replacement but an extension for Van Beeks’ engineering capabilities. “It is a tool for avoiding errors or ignorance during the development process”, said company sales engineer Joram van der Heijden. “We also see details that are important and we can think with our client.”
Previously Van Beek mainly used a trusty tape measure and static photos. “The engineer works everything out and takes into account what he can see in the photos”, said Van der Heijden. “Sometimes you overlook something. You may have missed a couple of angles or not know what is behind an obstacle. We do come up against this.” 
An alternative to the 360-degree camera is to employ a 3D scan. However, this is an expensive procedure because it involves a lot of time to take the scan and convert it into a 3D drawing. According to Van der Heijden the costs may amount to thousands of euros. 
360-degree view inside Van Beek’s manufacturing plant (rotate the picture)

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