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07.05.2018 FFS bagging: industry leaders to form joint company

Two globally recognised German producers of form-fill-seal bagging systems – HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER, based respectively in Oelde and Lengerich – in March signed a letter of intent to set up a joint company which will specialise in the development and production as well as sales and service of FFS packing plants including related palletising systems. Both companies will hold a 50% share in the new enterprise. 
Customers are expected to benefit from the pooling of technical expertise as well as from the new company’s international sales and service network and the expansion of comprehensive customer support.
“For decades there has been a relationship of deep respect and mutual recognition between both of our family-owned companies. Our new joint company will allow us to advance the technology of filling and palletising. This partnership opens up new innovations and possibilities for our employees, our customers and our markets,” said Florian Festge, managing partner of HAVER & BOECKER.
“WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER and HAVER & BOECKER share many similarities,” added Dr Jürgen Vutz, partner and CEO at W&H.  “Both are family-owned companies with a long-term focus and uncompromising values such as trust and commitment. This all provides the solid foundation for a successful partnership. With this joint company, we shall secure our leading position in the international markets”.
The first organisational steps for founding the new company have been implemented. Approval from the German antitrust authorities has been obtained. Both partner organisations will provide further information about the new joint company at ACHEMA in June.; 
The HAVER & BOECKER and WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER head offices in Oelde and Lengerich

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