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14.05.2018 High-quality lime from eggshells

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, has developed the eggshell dryer for drying crushed eggshells in a continuous industrial process. It heats the eggshells to 130?C to give a pathogen-free, fine-grained and high-quality lime with a maximum moisture content of 1%. This end product can be marketed as a soil improver or lime for the animal feed or cement industry. By removing the moisture, odour nuisance is a thing of the past.
The eggshell dryer is a machine with a single screw and operates as a paddle dryer. The machine requires little installation space in an automated line that breaks the eggs to separate the contents from the shells. After dehumidification the line crushes the shells, after which they land in the eggshell dryer resulting in a moisture content of less than 4%.
The eggshell dryer is available in capacities of 250, 500 or 1000kg/h. Van Beek produces the machines under the Celsius trade name. The screws are renowned for their wear-resistance and clean finish. 
Van Beek’s eggshell dryer and (below) shown as the main component within an industrial process

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