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21.05.2018 Biogas plants benefits from precision biomass dosing

SDS tec GmbH, Scharringhausen, Germany, specialises in the modernisation and automation of biogas plants and associated services. As customer plants are frequently similar but never identical, flexible and modular solutions are called for. When it comes to control technology, SDS has opted to rely on components from the Siemens Simatic portfolio and the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal, which provides more efficient engineering of automation and drive tasks by the user.
For SDS, choice of Siemens technology has meant that its customers benefit from an efficient and robust solution and a reduction in the time required for engineering and visualisation by half compared to the previous system. For example, the outdoor panels or touch-screens, which are mounted at the material infeed devices which load the biomass into the fermenter, have to function reliably even at temperatures well below freezing, while offering optimum legibility even in glare conditions due to strong sunlight. To ensure the greatest possible yield, precise metering of the different raw materials is vital. Here SDS customers benefit from use of the Simatic HMI (human/machine interface) Comfort Outdoor Panel.; 
Automation solutions from Siemens reduce the time require by SDS customers’ engineering and visualisation to just half
The Simatic HMI Comfort Outdoor Panel remains reliable even in adverse weather conditions

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