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21.05.2018 Process industry production, conveying and feeding enhancements

Coperion, Frankfurt, Germany, reports that – together with associate company Coperion K-Tron – it will be exhibiting several items of innovative technology solutions for the process industry on Stand D34, Hall 5.0 at ACHEMA. Coperion is known as a pioneering supplier of continuous production equipment for a wide range of industries and has already converted numerous production processes from batch to continuous production. The key components of these systems are always the result of the company’s own development and production. It will be exhibiting examples of this, such as its new compactly designed modular Coperion K-Tron K3-PH pharma feeder line and the new K-ML-D5-P liquid feeder. It will also be exhibiting its compact ZZB stainless steel rotary valve for stringent hygiene requirements, and a ZRD rotary valve with RotorCheck 5.0 contact monitoring system. To round off the exhibits there will be the ZS-B patented side feeder with feed enhancement technology (FET), which is used to feed raw materials into a wide range of extrusion processes.
Coperion will also be presenting a new, innovative pneumatic conveying process that consumes up to 35% less power and is capable of generating up to 98% less dust (see also EBS News for week of 7 May 2018). This is particularly beneficial for manufacturers of plastic granulates, enabling them to significantly increase their product quality while markedly reducing their specific power consumption.
Coperion’s ZS-B side feeder with patented feed enhancement technology (FET) enables side feeding of powder or granular fillers/additives
RotorCheck 5.0 improves rotary valve safety and operational efficiency 

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