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21.05.2018 Laboratory-scale compact grinding/separating system

NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik, Hanau, Germany, will be exhibiting its new LabCompactPlus – an all-in-one modular mill/classifier unit – for the first time at this year’s ACHEMA, where a working machine will be demonstrated. Alongside the grinding and classifying components, the machine also comprises a very compact operating module which combines a dosing unit, cyclone, filter, blower and electrical control unit. Here the material is fed directly into the machine via a screw feeder where it is processed. In the downstream high-efficiency cyclone the fines are separated out and collected in a product drum. During this process a downstream fully automatic dust filter continuously cleans the processing air. The intelligent construction not only guarantees user-friendly operation as well as easy cleaning and maintenance, it also ensures that the LabCompactPlus can be installed in very restricted spaces. In addition to this, it is also worth noting that the integral plant is mounted on a single base frame and is delivered ready for installation. Thus it can be commissioned immediately after it has arrived at the customer´s facility. 
With the aid of individual connector sets for electricity and compressed air, the different systems can be exchanged easily. Amongst other things, these determine the final particle size and can be adapted optimally to suit the requirements of each particular product. Customers can choose from a fluidised bed jet mill, a high-density bed jet mill, a classifier mill, a fine classifier and last but not least a high-efficiency fine classifier which NETZSCH offers from a single source. Each of these components has been tested and optimised in conjunction with the LabCompactPlus. 
The LabCompactPlus sets new grinding standards for laboratories and test plants; in addition it is extremely compact, simple to operate and easy to clean

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