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28.05.2018 Plastics recycling: a rapidly expanding industry

Lindner-Recyclingtech, Spittal an der Drau, Austria, reports that – as post-consumer plastic volumes continue to rise – the increased demand for sorting and recycling capacity has subsequently led to a greater number of the relevant machines being needed and produced. A new spirit of change has taken hold in the industry in Europe thanks to China’s ‘Green Fence’ and ‘National Sword’ policies and the related import ban on unsorted waste in China, which came into force in January 2018, as well as other EU directives and regulations to meet certain climate, environmental and resource protection goals.
Plastics recycling is the future: Lindner recognised this trend years ago and has helped to advance this development. “The plastics sector is booming. For Lindner, it is a crucial area of business that is strategically very important,” emphasised Michael Lackner, Lindner managing director/CMO.
Owing to strong growth in the plastics recycling sector, Lindner WashTech GmbH will now exclusively focus on washing solutions. For this reason, the Lindner Group has decided to set up an independent engineering department within Lindner WashTech focusing on R&D as  well as system planning. Lindner WashTech will now also be responsible for the sales and service of washing systems. “These measures put us in a good position to meet the major challenges of plastics recycling in the next few years,” said Lindner CEO Manuel Lindner.
Lindner washing system for post-consumer plastics recycling   

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