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28.05.2018 New concept of disc dryer

Allgaier Process Technology, Uhingen, Germany, will be presenting its new CD Dryer at ACHEMA. This indirectly heated contact dryer has been designed primarily for drying solids dissolved or suspended in liquids. The liquid is applied by way of a pump and feed pipes directly to double-walled discs that rotate and are configured vertically as an assembly. The discs are heated internally using saturated steam. The direct transfer of heat to the liquid product evaporates the water very quickly, thereby providing excellent efficiency because heat losses are minimised. After one disc rotation, scrapers making contact with the discs remove the dried solids and send the dry material obtained to the next process step – in the form of pellets, films or flakes, as required. 
The operating principle of the CD Dryer differs fundamentally from that of conventional disc dryers where the discs are immersed in the moist material. They are usually used only to reduce the water content of liquid, paste-like or bulky products to save transport costs, for example. The CD Dryer provides considerably more varied application options. 
One area where the CD Dryer is said to achieve outstanding drying results is the treatment of organic and inorganic industrial and special waste water. It represents an interesting alternative to conventional drum dryers that are usually used to dry solids dissolved or suspended in liquids. The space required by the disc assembly in the CD Dryer is up to 60% less than that of the drums of a comparable drum dryer having the same heat-transfer surface. The compact configuration has another advantage. If necessary, the dryer can be moved as a single unit simply and quickly to another location. 
Allgaier’s CD Dryer

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