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28.05.2018 Bühler unveils over 20 digital innovations at IPACK IMA

Bühler, Uzwil, Switzerland, now has the capability to connect more than 85% of its solutions to the cloud, and is continuing to introduce innovative solutions. At this week’s IPACK IMA  trade show in Milan the company presented over 20 digital services on its booth. These solutions contribute to Bühler’s goal of slashing energy consumption and waste in the food chain by 30% by 2020.
The company points out that digitalisation has become a game changer for the food processing industry. Data about weather, harvesting, production processes, quality, and food safety is captured across the entire value chain, enabled by sophisticated and cost-effective sensor technology. 
These solutions are designed to make food safer, to save energy, and to prevent waste. “Digitalisation is unlocking an enormous potential in the food processing industry,” said Johannes Wick, CEO of Bühler’s Grains & Food business. “This is only the very beginning of a transformation of the entire industry. Recently, we established our first team of data analytics experts”, he added. Ian Roberts, Bühler CTO, commented: “We are convinced that digital technologies are key to delivering on our promise of achieving a 30% reduction of waste and energy consumption in the food value chain.” 
Ian Roberts (Top) and Johannes Wick

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