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28.05.2018 Major advance in automated dosing of micro quantities

AZO,Osterburken, Germany, will be launching several new products on Stand C50 in Hall 6.0 at ACHEMA. These include AZO®RoLog, a new system which automates the dosing process for micro quantities using a combination of the very latest AZO technology and established robotics.
Until now, dosing of micro quantities up to 10kg has mainly been carried out manually. This can cause safety problems for the operator, especially where there is a requirement to meter extremely critical or harmful materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and food production. Materials of this kind can only be handled using special protective measures. There is also the risk that it will be impossible to reproduce complex formulations continuously and accurately. 
It is for these reasons that AZO has developed AZO®RoLog. With this system, raw materials are placed in storage or taken out of storage automatically by a robot. A purpose-developed device is responsible for dosing with gram accuracy.
The operator first ensures that the raw materials, such as pigments, additives, active agents, etc. are available in dispensing and storage units ready for automated further processing. A safety cage now separates the automation area (the robot’s work envelope) from the production environment. This automatic raw materials logistics system, in a shielded cage, offers maximum protection for the machine operator and the product. In addition, the modular design of the storage module for raw materials (RLM) ensures a high degree of flexibility when adding new raw material ingredients.
The robot assembles the batch in accordance with the required formulation in a fully automated process by preparing the correct dispensing and storage units. At the dosing point, the required micro quantities are metered accurately from here. This achieves reproducible dosing results in a range from 50g to 10kg. AZO®RoLog is now immediately ready for processing further production tasks. This means the system operates efficiently and without wasting time. Round-the-clock production is possible with constant provision of raw materials and receptacles. It can be operated as a standalone system or it can be fully integrated. 
AZO®RoLog provides modular, safe and fully automatic robot-based dosing of micro quantities

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