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11.06.2018 ATEX-certified metal detector

Eriez Magnetics Europe, Caerphilly, UK, has introduced its MetAlarm EX ATEX 21 metal detector model. It will be officially launched at the Hillhead exhibition later this month. The company worked closely with SGS Baseefa on the development and certification of the new ATEX range in response to market demand for a heavy-duty metal detector that is compliant with the European ATEX directive. Having passed rigorous testing and quality audits, the ATEX 21 certified units are the latest addition to the MetAlarm range.

The Eriez EX MetAlarm detectors are expected to deliver the reliable detection performance seen in the field for almost 20 years, with the added benefit of now also being ATEX 21 and ATEX 22 compliant. The ATEX 21 units will now extend the scope to applications in explosive dust environments where ignitable materials such as biomass, wood or coal are present. In environments where explosive dusts are present, sparks from undetected metal contamination could be a potential ignition source.

The EX-3000, EX-3500 and EX-3600 models provide a range of metal detection sensitivities. All models within the range are equipped with IP66 stainless steel enclosures and are suitable for operation with 115V/230V 50/60Hz power supplies.

MetAlarm EX ATEX 22 metal detector monitors a conveyor stream of wood chips

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