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11.06.2018 Mixers ensure quality of Indian snack foods

Lindor Products, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, has recently supplied several mixers to the Balaji Group, India’s second largest producer of potato crisps. Owing to increasing market demand for savoury snacks, its plant in Rajkot, Gujarat, required modernisation and expansion of production capacity. Lindor’s Indian partner Food Processing Technologies (FPT) has maintained close ties with the Balaji Group for many years, and together they explored how best to improve the factory’s production process.

It is essential for extrusion that water is added uniformly to a homogeneous mixture of raw materials. Lindor mixers are well suited to this task, because in addition to mixing the dry raw materials, they also allow for optimal water distribution over the moving product bed without causing any dust. Dust, which causes loss of quality for several reasons in extrusion, must be prevented at all costs. The mixer is fitted with injection lances that have special nozzles to distribute the water very delicately over a moving product bed, resulting in a homogeneous mixture of a high and consistent quality. The return on investment of a Lindor mixer is very quick, because of its quality advantages and significantly higher productivity: at least six batches per hour, with a batch weight of 400 to 500kg.

After a year during which the process line had proved its reliability, with low operating and energy costs, the Balaji Group decided to equip its process lines in the Valsad and Indore factories with the same Lindor mixers. In total, Lindor has supplied three L1000 mixers with liquid injection, retractable inlets and outlets and a water jet finish. In addition, the Dutch manufacturer supplied a fourth mixer, an L500 with a batch volume of 500 litres.

An L1000 Lindor mixer, centre right, equipped with liquid injection installed at a Balaji snackfood plant; below, the packaged product


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