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18.06.2018 Drawer magnets remove ferrous contaminants from plastic waste

Bunting Magnetics Europe, Berkhamsted, UK, recently supplied two drawer filter magnets to EcoVyn Ltd, a UK specialist PVC compounder which produces reprocessed, blended and virgin compounds for a variety of applications. This company currently processes 1000 tonnes per month of good quality reclaimed plastic waste, which it plans to increase to 16,000 tonnes per annum. 

Metal detectors had already been installed at the plant to remove metal contamination, but the reject rate was very high which included a high proportion of good quality plastic. Bunting conducted an on-site review which concluded that easily removable magnetically susceptible metal could be captured, leaving the metal detectors to detect and separate non-ferrous metals.  This would then significantly reduce the number of metal detector rejections and, therefore, the amount of waste generated. After a review of the process, drawer filter magnets were recommended to be installed between the screw conveyor transporting the 8-10mm sized infeed material and the metal detector.

Bunting drawer filter magnets are used widely in the plastics industry and enable the effective removal of ferrous metal from free-flowing materials.  The drawer filters installed at EcoVyn have two rows of high strength rare earth neodymium magnets.  The top row has two tube magnets with three in the second row aligned to sit below the gap in the top row.  This ensures that the product stream strikes at least one of the tube magnets, where ferrous metal is attracted by the strong magnetic field and captured. After the installation of drawer filter magnets, the amount of waste was reduced from 60t to 4t.


One of the Bunting drawer filters at EcoVyn

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