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18.06.2018 Low-profile flour silo is humidity-free

Barton Fabrications, Portishead, UK, within the past few weeks delivered a 40t capacity silo to Aptech (Powder Systems) which installed the vessel at a UK bakery where it will be used for flour storage. The silo features Barton’s novel hygienic sealed skirt design, which allows the use of load cells for accurate content management while keeping the area below the silo clean, dry and free from vermin.

Commenting on the silo design and process equipment installation, Aptech project engineer Richard Cleaver said: “The client wanted a large capacity silo, but local planning restrictions constrained the design height of the storage vessel. Barton was able to meet the challenges of the brief with an 8m high, 4.2m diameter silo. The silo and powder handling equipment ensures flour is stored in a clean, de-humidified environment which guarantees clump-free movement and eliminates the possibility of mould growth. The new installation provides automatic dispensing of flour to the customer’s production line, which saves both time and labour.”

A double door design incorporated into the Barton silo allows easy access to the ‘below silo’ area for ease of maintenance of the powder handling equipment.

The silo interior with hygienic sealed skirt and (below) Barton’s double door design facilitates access for routine maintenance


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