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25.06.2018 Plastics regrinding line exported to USA

Lindner-Recyclingtech, Spittal an der Drau, Austria, has supplied a regrinding line including a Micromat 2500 pre-shredding system and a grinder to Winco Plastics, North Aurora, IL, one of the largest full service plastic recycling companies in the Midwest with 30 years of experience. As a result Winco has significantly increased its plastics waste handling capacity. The range of rigid materials fed into the new system includes HDPE pipes of any size and thickness, HDPE sheets, PE and PP purge, and PC sheet as well as PET, mainly from post-industrial sources such as automotive and others.

Lindner-Recyclingtech America LLC, the US branch of the Austrian manufacturer, offered Winco a tailor-made regrinding line. In a first step the delivered plastic waste is transferred to a heavy-duty feeding belt conveyor, designed to handle all kinds of material loaded by forklift or gaylord dumper, followed by a Micromat 2500. This high performance single-shaft shredder is equipped with a customised internal ram enabling high throughput of all input materials as well as an overlapping rotor to avoid bridging of material between ram and rotor during the shredding process. The rotor carries fourfold reversible knives which further assist high productivity operation whilst at the same time facilitating cutting blade replacement and maintenance. The pre-shredded material is discharged from the Micromat by two successive belt conveyors.

The Lindner regrinding line supplied to Winco Plastics includes a belt conveyor to feed the Micromat 2500 pre-shredder, followed by two successive belts with a metal detector to feed a Lindner grinder


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