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25.06.2018 Two days devoted to microencapsulation

SternMaid, Wittenburg, Germany, in May organised an international symposium on microencapsulation in association with the Bioactives World Forum at the InterCity Hotel in Hamburg. It was attended by some 100 representatives from food, pharmaceutical and food supplement industries who were able to exchange information and listen to presentations by internationally acknowledged experts from the USA, Switzerland, UK and Germany. Topics discussed included the costs of different encapsulation techniques, advantages offered by modified starch for microcapsules, parameters that influence batch and continuous processing in fluidised bed encapsulation, and how solubility of hydrocolloids can be optimised by encapsulation.

In the breaks between lectures, participants were able to taste samples of different products such as sweets, snacks and baked goods. Dr Marc Meyers from Balchem Corporation, for example, presented chewing gum with microencapsulated omega-3 fatty acids and cinnamon roll dough with an encapsulated raising agent. During a tour of the plant, SternMaid demonstrated the practical relevance of the lectures by showing, at the different stages, how ingredients can be encapsulated and processed by means of fluidised bed and blending technology. The company’s commercial manager Mark Riemer, said: “We are glad that so many guests accepted our invitation and that we have received such good feedback, due not least to the interesting content and high quality of the lectures. What is more, the symposium offered an excellent platform for networking and fruitful discussions”.

Delegates being shown around the SternMaid contract manufacturing plant




























SternMaid commercial manager Mark Riemer addressing guests (picture copyright René Lahn Photographie)

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