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09.07.2018 Expanded capabilities for FFS bagging brand

Beumer Group, Beckum, Germany, has extended its fillpac FFS form fill seal system both for the high-capacity range of up to 2600 bags per hour and for low throughputs starting from 1800 bags per hour, thereby offering  a wider choice of tailored solutions for specific applications. "We offer an easy-to-clean solution for the low-capacity versions," said sales engineer Christian Freise. Special products in particular and other coloured granules are handled at lower capacities. Fine dust is often a by-product when filling granules into bags. Another disadvantage is that small granules can get stuck in the machine. When using the BEUMER fillpac FFS, users can simply clean the machine with water, before a colour change. "The round scale we provide is designed so that residues can be removed more easily."

With its BEUMER fillpac FFS, the manufacturer presents itself as single-source provider for filling, palletising and packaging technologies. This machine forms a ready-made PE tubular film into a bag and fills it with engineering plastics like PE, PP, PA or PS granules. Reliable and gentle filling is also possible for salts or fertilisers. The pellets are then weighed before the filling process. For this, the machine is equipped with an electronic calibration-capable weighing unit. Then the system seals the bags with a weight of up to 25kg.


BEUMER fillpac FFS

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