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16.07.2018 Multifunctional, industry-grade mill

Fritsch GmbH – Milling and Sizing, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, earlier this year introduced the PULVERISETTE 11 knife mill which has been designed to provide very fast and gentle comminution and homogenisation of moist, oily and fatty as well as dry, soft, medium-hard and fibrous samples. This makes it well suited for sample preparation in the fields of foodstuffs and animal feed testing, as well as for pharmaceutical, chemical and similar applications.

The instrument features knife blades with up to four cutting edges – up to 56,000 cutting processes per minute. The motor speed can be set digitally, in increments of a hundred between 2000 and 10,000rpm. The additional turbo function with 14,000rpm for up to six seconds facilitates grinding of sticky and fibrous samples.

PULVERISETTE 11 and, below, cereal bars before and after comminution


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