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16.07.2018 Verification equipment for rent

Sensor Technology, Wroxton, Banbury, UK, is prepared to offer its TorqSense range of torque sensors on a rental basis to research as well as industrial customers. “Companies are seeing their markets improve, but do not have the reserves to finance all the activities that will kickstart their sales. What money there is has to be used carefully, which usually means funding some projects but not others. As a result opportunities have to be missed”, commented Sensor Technology’s Mark Ingham.

Typical projects might include verification or reverification of a product range to an international standard, development of a new sized unit within a product range to address an emerging market requirement, modification of a design or a whole new development.

Having survived more than one downturn and recovery, Sensor Technology already has a rental option in place. Potential users can choose to rent the equipment, rather than purchase it, thereby circumventing the bottleneck of raising capital purchase approval. If users decide that they want to hold on to their TorqSense for longer than they had anticipated, Sensor Technology is happy to convert the rental to a sale, with a percentage of the hire fee already paid offset against the purchase price. Ingham says that rentals are a popular option at all times: “Many of our customers have a project where they need to measure torque, but know that when the project is concluded they will have no further need for a TorqSense. For them, renting is very attractive.”

TorqSense from Sensor Technology

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