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16.07.2018 Granulation Workshop 2019

Next year the 9th International Granulation Conference organised by Sheffield University will be hosted 26 – 28 June by Nestlé in Lausanne, Switzerland. Here latest developments in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology will be showcased. It is expected to provide an excellent opportunity to gain a complete overview of how the field of granulation stands at present, with the presentation of a range of papers from both academia and industry. The previous event in 2017 attracted more than 400 delegates.

Among the topics discussed will be: continuous granulation (including feeding, blending and granule composition); process control in continuous and batch systems; tools for process control and PAT; scale-up; powder mixing; toxicity of nanoparticles; evaluating product performance; environmental aspects/energy consumption; on-line measurement; affordability/economics of granulation; industrial challenges in manufacturing; feed forward control based on powder characterisation; fast start-up and shutdowns; and quality monitoring.

Abstracts, for oral presentations or posters, are invited and should be submitted by 1st September 2018. Final papers are required by 15 January 2019. The workshop website will be updated on a regular basis:
A plenary session at the 8th International Granulation Workshop 2017


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