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30.07.2018 Powder coatings: pre-mixing and Industry 4.0

PROMIXON, Magnano (MI), Italy, reports that it recently supplied three FX-2500 high speed mixers to an unidentified national customer for blending thermosetting resins with pigments, fillers and additives. The new machines replace six previously installed horizontal mixers. The three new mixers were manufactured, delivered and commissioned in less than four months. They were customised so as to be compatible with the existing mixing regime and modified to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.
Working in partnership with the TraceToo company, PROMIXON created intelligent cones that – thanks to RFID readers for batch traceability – eliminate manual operations through faster and more efficient materials handling. Using a touch screen control panel, the operator can automatically match the production batch with the mixing chamber in the filling phase, checking the consistency of all the parameters. 
The three FX-2500 mixers

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