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30.07.2018 New generation of centrifugal sifters

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, will in August launch its new range of GS centrifugal sifters. This marks the latest evolution of a long established design principle, confirming the Swiss company as an industry leading sifter manufacturer.
On commencing his position as general manager at Gericke UK, Colin Arlott analysed feedback from existing centrifugal sifter installations and decided that a new machine with an upgraded design was required to meet today’s productivity demands. The project began in earnest in January 2018 with the analysis of sifting machines in operation around the world, whereby various design features were identified which have proven successful with operators and maintenance engineers alike, and importantly, pinpointing features which had not performed as expected within process environments. Gericke explains that the process of centrifugal sifting remains mostly unchanged from the first machine concepts, whereby a paddle assembly rotating within a static hose is used to create a centrifugal force to push material against the sieve mesh and through pre-determined apertures. Whilst the concept remains sound, the demands of modern processes are ever increasing and the new range of Gericke GS sifters has been specifically designed to remain one-step ahead of these requirements. The new range of machines provides time-proven application technology, while at the same time allowing for rapid inspection, cleaning, change-over, repeatability, access and maintenance.
Operational up-time is maximised with features such as improved 360° in-situ basket inspection, whilst time taken to remove the basket assembly, replace the sieve hose and basket re-insertion have been significantly reduced. Additionally, the orientation and location of the basket within the sifter is accurately repeatable. The Gericke UK based manufacturing team have been involved from the ground up to ensure all aspects of the machine are manufactured with best engineering practice, repeatability, minimised set-up, and standardised methodology. 
The Gericke GS centrifugal sifter incorporates easy maintenance and basket inspection design features

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