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06.08.2018 Focus on dough handling and processing

Daxner, Wels, Austria, will be showing its new generation of pre- and sour dough systems at iba 2018 (Booth B4-274) which takes place 15-20 September in Munich. The company considers this trade show to provide the perfect environment for demonstrating its high-performance process engineering solutions for plants handling powders and bulk goods – ranging from the receipt of raw materials through to the final product.
Accordingly, the Daxner pre- and sour dough equipment, which can be customised to individual needs and products, ensures reliable systems with an extensive range of accessories. Daxner machines can be tailored to integrate into a customer’s existing production facilities, offering advanced solutions for high or low dough yield, while guaranteeing easily reproducible product quality and hygienic production.
The pre- and sour dough delivery programme for every requirement includes flour and bruised grains, barley and wheat, cooled or non-cooled, mobile or stationary, flexible and rigid guides, one- or multi-level, manual or automatic filling as well as discharge via volumetric dosing or weighing. 
Typical Daxner dough handling installation

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