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06.08.2018 High-speed turbo-mixer

PROMIXON, Magnano (MI), Italy, has extended its range of mixers with the introduction of the XM series of turbo-mixers designed for applications where there is a requirement for dispersion of powders with powders or granules or with liquid addition. Typical examples include: rigid and soft PVC dry-blend; EPC (wood plastic composites PVC/PP/PE based with wood flour; thermoplastic polymers (PVH, PVA, PC, POM, etc); hot or cold dispersion of colour masterbatch; premixing of powder coatings; and bonding of powder coatings with metallic pigments or micas.

The machine offers a guaranteed output of nine batches per hour, based on rigid PVC dry-blend – or seven batches per hour with soft PVC dry-blend. Renewed process technology and the latest mechanical design ensure a 30% increase in mixer productivity; innovative design and geometry of the mixing tools provide enhanced mixing intensity, even with problematic materials; novel anti-wear coatings of the mixing tools drastically reduce abrasion damage.

PROMIXON’s XM turbo-mixer

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