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20.08.2018 Magnetic separators for foodstuffs and powders

Goudsmit Magnetics, Waalre, the Netherlands, has introduced a new generation of magnetic separators designed to remove metal particles (>30µm) from foodstuffs such as coffee, cocoa, malt, rice, sugar and flour, but also from other powdery and fine-grained materials. The Easy Clean flow drawer magnet is said to stand out from the competition owing to its user friendly cleaning, improved flow and the high Gauss values of the bars. In contrast to previous designs, in which such magnets were fitted with two layers of thin (Ø25mm) bars, the new design contains a single row of Ø50mm thick bars. New measurement techniques, including simulations of magnetic fields and tests in the company's own test centre, have shown that this results in a higher separation yield. This is because the thicker bars remain in contact with the magnetic particles longer. An additional benefit is the reduced height of the magnet as a whole. Moreover, a single row of bars results in improved product flow – particularly beneficial when it comes to poorly flowing powders.

With its enormous magnetic holding power of 12,000 Gauss at the rods, the Easy Clean flow magnet is also perfectly suited for the separation of small stainless steel particles. The tests and measurements mentioned above also showed that magnetic holding power alone is not enough to separate stainless steel particles. It is also of critical importance that these particles come into contact with the bars as they flow past. To accomplish this, the company can fit deflectors in the magnet, providing good control over the direction of product flows containing weak magnetic (stainless steel) particles. This ensures that the product always contacts the bars. This new generation of magnetics will be exhibited later this year at the following trade shows in Europe: PPMA, Birmingham, UK, 25-27 September; Vractech, Macon, France, 16-18 October; and SOLIDS Antwerp, Belgium, 17-18 October.


Goudsmit’s new generation of clean flow magnets requires minimal installation height and captures metal particles as small as 30 microns


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