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20.08.2018 Compact weighing system records grain volume and flow rates

FRIEDRICH electronic, Lollar, Germany, has introduced the DC3 Flow Weigher which is capable of continuously measuring flow capacity and total weight of free flowing bulk materials. It supersedes the long established DCG Vertical Pipe Weigher. Several enhancements and innovations have been included.

By improved product transfer within the weighing unit, the bulk material is fed into the sensing pipe more accurately and gently. The system has a wider tolerance against different product types, so there is less need for recalibration. Weighing results and reproducibility with differing product specifications are improved. Furthermore the suspension of the deflection plate has been redesigned to increase robustness against exterior influences. Additionally the device is more maintenance-friendly, e.g. exchange of load cell is substantially simplified. Product flows without hindrance out of the housing, avoiding any residues.

Owing to its low installation height, the system can easily be integrated into tight spaces. Installation is simple, since connections are achieved with clamping rings. Standard feed is at 45° inclination, but this can also be implemented at 0° alignment using special feed deflectors. With this arrangement, the system can be installed in vertical conveying pipes. The DC3 is suitable for use with all common cereals, animal feeds, granules, pellets and seeds as well as ground products.

FRIEDRICH electronic’s DC3 weighing system


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