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03.09.2018 Reaping the benefits of retaining good staff

AUMUND Fördertechnik, Rheinberg, Germany, reports that with effect from 1st September Bodo Radmacher has become head of the company’s spare parts division. He has been with AUMUND since 1984, the year he started his apprenticeship with the company. In 1993 he started working in the service and spare parts division, which will now be fully under his control, drawing on his invaluable 25 years of experience in this domain. Radmacher is the latest example of AUMUND placing trust in the expertise of its in-house talents as a strategy for continuing success into the future.

AUMUND’s global conveying and storage technology business operates from 15 locations in Asia, Europe, North and South America and a total of five warehouses in Germany, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.


Bodo Radmacher

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