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03.09.2018 Removing metal contamination from plastics processing lines

Eriez Magnetics Europe, Caerphilly, UK, reports that European plastics manufacturers are continuing to invest in the company’s powerful PM grate magnets to improve product purity, prevent costly damage to downstream equipment and reduce processing downtime. The Eriez PM grate magnet is employed for removal of ferrous metal contamination from free flowing materials. In particular, the plastics industry utilises this design of magnet for safeguarding the purity of plastic pellets, flake and regrind upstream of the injection moulding machine, extruder or compounding equipment.

Lloyd Williams, product manager for process industries at Eriez Europe, commented “Eriez Europe is pleased to offer the PM grate magnets for immediate sale. Installation time is typically less than five minutes.” He explained that metal contamination can occur in just about every area of a typical plastics processing plant, from unloading resin to final packaging. Eriez offers a free process review for the inspection of existing separation and detection equipment, providing in-depth evaluation and recommendations for foreign body removal and ensuring customers are complying fully with regulatory quality requirements.


An Eriez PM grate magnet shown closed and in the open position

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