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10.09.2018 Largest ever ATEX-compliant Z-Conveyor

Poeth Solids Processing, Tegelen, the Netherlands, has delivered the largest and tallest ATEX-compliant Z-Conveyor ever built to a brewery in Algiers which has been acquired by one of the world’s foremost beer producers and is currently being substantially upgraded and modernised.  Every hour, 30t of malt and barley are transported up to a height of at least 30m in this explosion-proof plant. The brewer’s decision to invest in a Z-conveyor meant that there was less need for expenditure on explosion proofing elsewhere in the plant. In addition, the Z-Conveyor is energy-efficient and transports the malt and barley without damage. There is no risk of explosion because the machine operates efficiently at speeds well below 1m/s. Thanks to this unique characteristic, the brewery in Algiers was able to avoid investing significant amounts in compartmentalisation, explosion suppression, explosion venting, skew prevention, automation and maintenance in order to achieve full ATEX approval.

The Z-Conveyor is capable of transporting large volumes (5 – 220m3/h) of dry products horizontally, diagonally and vertically up to significant heights. The Z-Conveyor transports raw materials gently and without damage. This characteristic makes the new transport system particularly suitable for malt and barley.

In addition to the transport system, Poeth also supplied the 5700m³ capacity silo structure, a freight container tilting unit, inline weighers, cleaning systems, spark detection and the electronic controls and wiring. Poeth has contracted soon to build similar systems for the same brewer in Nigeria and Cambodia.

The upgraded brewery in Algiers, where beer consumption is currently increasing at a rate of 10% per annum


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