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10.09.2018 Plastic sacks and FFS films: further investment by RKW

RKW, Frankenthal, Germany, as part of 50th anniversary celebrations at its Echte site, has put a new tube former into operation. The company will use this high-performance production line to manufacture different versions of its self-venting RKW ProVent® plastic sack and FFS films. The system is suitable for a wide range of sack formats and allows for custom manufacturing to meet individual requirements. This investment in new machinery and the expansion of garbage bag production amounts to approximately four million euros. RKW already invested millions of euros in infrastructure measures and a new flexographic printing press in 2016.

Site manager Johannes Heintges commented: "In response to the growing demands on our products – especially the RKW ProVent packaging solution – we are continually investing in technologies to offer our customers more flexibility and maximum product quality. The new production line is subsequent to the 2016 investment in our printing centre, which serves the need for high-end print designs. With the tube former we are now taking the next step and focusing on high-precision and customised converting." At RKW, the tube former is perfectly coordinated with the flexographic printing line to ensure short delivery times and to produce plastic sack designs that are precisely tailored to customer requirements. Production manager Dr Markus Brinkmann explained: "The system is designed for a wide variety of sack formats and is currently the most advanced on the market. This machine can be used to produce a wide variety of bag formats with different venting options. Small production runs are easy to manage thanks to optimised set-up times." Compared to conventional paper sacks, RKW ProVent offers much better protection against external influences such as moisture and wet conditions and thus minimises product loss.

RKW staff complete commissioning of the new tube former at the company’s Echte site


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