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17.09.2018 New Vortex agent for Egypt

Vortex Global, with European head office in Darlington, UK, has named ALRIAD International Agencies & Trading as its new representative agent for Egypt. This follows the appointment in recent weeks of new Vortex agents within the Middle East region for Saudi Arabia as well as for UAE, Oman and Qatar (see EBS News for weeks of 20 August and 10 September).

Founded in 1982, ALRIAD International Agencies & Trading is headquartered in Cairo. The company’s mission is to be a trusted agent that represents high quality, international brands. ALRIAD takes pride in being accessible to its customers, in order to deliver guidance, consultation and support in choosing industrial machines and technologies. Primarily, the company operates in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, commodities, fast-moving consumer goods, and textile industries. Other European manufacturers of bulk handling/processing equipment and related instrumentation which are represented in Egypt by ALRIAD include Russell Finex, Jehmlich and MESUTRONIC. Mr Ashraf Salama will be the main point of contact for Vortex’s Egyptian customers.;

Mr Ashraf Salama from Cairo-based ALRIAD International Agencies & Trading


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