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17.09.2018 Fast filling of lined freight containers

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, has upgraded the performance of its screw type bulk container filler. It is now capable of filling a 20ft container fitted with inner liner up to 80-85% in just half an hour. Container liners can only be filled via a relatively small aperture. The filling device takes the form of a horizontally mounted screw conveyor with an open underside. The inlet can be round or a hopper. It is filled from a silo, Dino bulk truck loader, shovel, belt or screw conveyor. The installation can as an option be equipped with wheels allowing it to be moved by a forklift.

A truck carrying a 20ft container reverses towards the liner filler and pushes the opening of the container over the screw until the screw is fully inserted into the container, after which the loading process can begin. The cargo falls through the open underside of the screw first into the back of the container and forms a heap there. As soon as it reaches the height of the screw, the cargo automatically collapses further forwards in the container. A level detector is fitted at the end of the screw allowing the user to know that all space in the container has been filled and that the screw stops in time. The liner filler has shown itself to be effective for loading pellets (plastic granules), powders (such as flour) and flakes.


Van Beek’s screw type filling device for lined 20ft containers

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