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24.09.2018 Twin flexible screw conveyor has common hopper

Flexicon Europe, Whitstable, UK, is offering a twin BEV-CON™ flexible screw conveyor system with a single hopper and mobile base constructed and finished to sanitary standards. Ready to plug-in and run, the self-contained system, designed and manufactured at the company’s US factory and headquarters, can fill two vessels with the same material simultaneously. Mounted on a frame with locking castors for in-plant mobility, it can be utilised in multiple locations, and rolled to a wash-down booth.

The hopper has a capacity of 550 litres, and is designed with a steep back wall and diametrically opposed sidewalls skewed to form a trapezoidal area, the divergent angles causing non-free-flowing material to topple into the conveyor charging adapters. 

The unit is constructed of 316 stainless steel, and features sanitary quick-release clean out caps, quick-disconnect discharge box access covers, wash-down motors, and a stainless control panel with stainless conduit and liquid-tight compression fittings that permit wash down during changeovers and/or when conveying of corrosive materials.  HMI controls allow manual and automatic start/stop and speed adjustment.

Flexicon’s twin BEV-CON flexible screw conveyor system


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