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28.10.2019 Simple graphical analysis of mixer and process data

Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich, Hardheim, Germany, has recently introduced ProView process data visualisation. This is a universal tool that is not tied to any specific platform, enabling efficient analysis of operating data. It can be used on a PC in the office or on a tablet or smartphone while on the move.

In many industries, monitoring the mixing process is necessary for reasons of quality assurance, particularly if plants are working automatically, without direct control by a designated member of staff. Changes in the properties or quantities of raw materials/of the product, for example, result in changes in the mixer’s power draw or in the moisture content of the mix. ProView enables simple and quick analysis of the process values in such situations.

Until now, reading off operating data has been a laborious business. In most cases, data from the plant controller can only be downloaded using a USB stick, and the operator is then required to import this into existing programs. It often takes a lot of time and practice before usable displays and reports are achieved.

ProView process data visualisation makes life easier. All parameters monitored by sensors in the plant can be viewed in detail in diagrammatic form, on a PC or using a mobile phone. The data remains in the company, and is stored locally on the machine/plant, not in a cloud.


ProView allows all parameters monitored by sensors in the plant to be viewed in diagrammatic form

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