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24.09.2018 Advances in flameless venting and explosion isolation

REMBE GmbH Safety + Control, Brilon, Germany, has developed two new explosion protection products which will be exhibited on Stand J 01 in Hall 5 at SOLIDS Dortmund.
The Q-Ball E which, with minimum deadweight and maximum relief effectiveness, has been designed primarily for use with bucket elevators. It adopts the principle of the parallel contour relief developed by REMBE. Thanks to its innovative design, the weight of the Q-Ball is very low. While comparable products from other suppliers weigh between 100-200kg, the Q-Ball is an absolute lightweight at just 25-50kg. This greatly facilitates handling during assembly, as well as the requirements for the installation on adjacent plant.

The other innovation is the Q-Flap RX non-return valve is a joint development between REMBE and the Swiss company RICO. The strict requirements of EN 16447 for the maximum safety and reliability are notably achieved by the very high strength and extremely flexible installation distances - and all of this thanks to the patented swivel carriage principle. The Q-Flap RX is currently available up to DN 400, and as of early 2019 up to DN 1250.

Q-Ball E
Q-Flap RX 

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