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28.10.2019 Flour screening in mills and industrial bakeries

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, has for more than 70 years been producing and selling a complete range of flour sifting machines worldwide. The purpose of these centrifugal sifters is to remove foreign bodies from the various flour grades. This allows the flour quality to be kept constant and clean.

The success of these centrifugal screening machines in milling is mainly based on three factors:

1.    Very high screening capacity with mesh sizes between 400 and 800µm and flow rates between 1 and 100t/h.
2.    Compact devices in terms of throughput and simple design, thereby facilitating operation and maintenance.
3.    An extremely robust construction which helps ensure the longevity of the machines. There are Gericke sifters which continue to be in operation for more than 40 years, demonstrating  their sustainability.

These centrifugal screening machines have been further developed over the years to simplify cleaning and to meet new technical and regulatory requirements: ATEX, CE/1935/2004 certification, easy screen change and disassembly for cleaning. Gericke also manufactures complete dosing, conveying and mixing systems for powders and other categories of bulk material. In its pilot stations, all its equipment can be tested on an industrial scale.


Gericke centrifugal sifter operating in France

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