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24.09.2018 Cloud-based digital moisture control

Bühler, Uzwil, Switzerland – in association with Microsoft Ignite, Orlando, FL – in late September officially launched MoisturePro™, a cloud-based digital service that drives significant improvements in yield and reduces energy costs and the environmental footprint of thermal processing in the food and feed industry. Harnessing the power of cloud connectivity, it can deliver a return on investment of US$300,000, translating to an annual energy saving of $20,000. MoisturePro is just one of a suite of digital services available on Bühler Insights. Built on Microsoft’s Azure, Bühler Insights is one of the first cloud platforms for the food and feed processing industries.
With MoisturePro Bühler introduces a new level of customer-partnership that can drive significant efficiency and sustainability improvements in the food and feed processing industry. “Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology we can make our expertise available to our customers at every stage of the drying process and drive real change,” said Paul McKeithan, Bühler’s head of digital services.

As the product is discharged through a chute, data from moisture sensors is relayed to the dryer control software. Control algorithms, developed with the benefit of Bühler’s extensive process knowledge, immediately and continuously adjust production parameters, so that the optimum moisture content is achieved and maintained throughout while ensuring food and feed safety.

A significant improvement on the traditional method of manual sampling and adjusting, MoisturePro reduces moisture deviation, improves dryer yield and reduces dryer energy consumption.

MoisturePro moisture control unit
Paul McKeithan, head of digital services at Bühler


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