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28.10.2019 AZO celebrates 70th birthday

AZO GmbH + Co. KG [Adolf Zimmermann Osterburken] commemorated its 70th anniversary this September. The company was founded in Osterburken, Germany, by Adolf and Marianne Zimmermann in 1949. The visionary millwright started out with a workshop in a sheepfold. This soon grew to become a mid-sized business, which initially produced feeding machines for bakeries. Today, the group of companies operates worldwide, supplying innovative turnkey solutions for automatic handling of raw materials to the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics industries. In 2018 the AZO Group generated a turnover of 182 million euros with over 1000 employees. Seven international sales subsidiaries and over 30 agents provide extensive customer support worldwide.

Despite the international nature of the business, director Rainer Zimmermann, son of the company’s founder, reaffirmed his loyalty to Osterburken as the company’s headquarters. AZO is a family business and is likely to remain so. “Our passion lies with the automation and logistics of raw materials. The proficiency we offer to our customers creates a basis for their quality products,” he said. The third generation will continue to manage the business with this as their overriding goal.

The anniversary was fittingly celebrated with an open day and an evening event for the workforce. Benefiting from glorious late summer weather, around 7500 visitors came along to the company premises, which extend over an area of 70,000m2, to learn about the business.

Apart from the in-house laboratory and test centre at the AZO customer centre, visitors were able to admire the considerable level of vertical integration in all areas of mechanical and electro-technical production. An evening event was held for AZO’s staff with around 1500 guests. The entire workforce and retired AZO employees, who currently number almost 200, were invited together with their partners.

Outdoor festivities for AZO staff and their families


AZO’s headquarters and manufacturing plant in Osterburken

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