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01.10.2018 Pioneering cloud platform for food and feed processing industries

Bühler, Uzwil, Switzerland, is working in partnership with Microsoft. Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform has enabled the Swiss company to develop Bühler Insights – a single IoT platform that runs all of Bühler’s digital services and enables customers to access these services via a single portal. Bühler Insights provides the platform from which Bühler can deliver its process know-how directly to customers. The company currently has the capability to connect more than 85% of its solutions to Bühler Insights.


 “Leveraging the power of the IoT and cloud technology we can make our expertise available to our customers at every stage of the drying process and drive real change,” said Paul McKeithan, Bühler’s head of digital services. MoisturePro (see EBS News for week of 24 September) is just one of a suite of digital services available on Bühler Insights. Another is LumoVision, which can identify and remove corn (maize) that has been contaminated with toxic aflatoxin. 
Bühler Insights, with its first set of digital services running on this platform, is just the start of this endeavour. Bühler and Microsoft are already looking into blockchain to secure total traceability for the food industry and consumers. Blockchain is an ideal way to record actions and transactions, because it is very difficult to change or tamper with. 
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO (fourth from right in the dark blue shirt) visits the Bühler team at the recent Microsoft Ignite meeting

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