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01.10.2018 Eirich wins major Australian granulation order

Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich, Hardheim, Germany, has won an order from Agripower Australia to supply a new granulation plant for diatomaceous earth. This natural raw material – which is also known as diatomite or kieselguhr – is a whitish, powdery substance that consists of the shells of fossil diatoms. 
As is well understood, machines employed to deliver soil improvers require granulated product. However, with its low density and an extremely porous structure, the raw material diatomaceous earth can only be transformed with great difficulty into a mechanically derived granule. One cubic centimetre of diatomaceous earth contains more than a million diatom shells and their fragments. When it came to dealing with this special challenge, the customer was able to rely on the expertise and know-how that has been acquired by EIRICH over the course of more than a century in relation to the processing of such materials.
After extensive trials at the EIRICH test centre, Agripower was more than satisfied with the results. In particular, the originally assumed content of up to 6% binding agents was reduced to zero thanks to research and development and also intelligent process engineering optimisations. At the forecast production scale, this will lead to yearly savings of millions of dollars.
For the planned production expansion, the latest design of mixer of type R33-72 (with an inclined mixing pan, seven cubic meters of usable capacity) with two downstream disk pelletizers (with a diameter of 4.5m) will now be installed. Most of the granulating process already takes place in the mixer, while the disc pelletizers perform the finishing of the granulates and narrow the spread of grain sizes to within the required range. Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for 2019. Further production lines of this type are due to follow over the coming years. 
The EIRICH process technology centre in Hardheim; detailed test plant trials helped convince Agripower that it had made the right choice of engineering partner

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