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08.10.2018 Hygienic discharge of milk powder from sacks and bulk bags

Palamatic Process, Brécé, France, recently installed a customised milk powder handling installation at the Polish production site of one of the world’s leading dairy groups which develops a wide range of functional and nutritional dairy ingredients for the food industry. The project involved discharge of bulk bags and conventional sacks. The main constraint was to comply with HACCP food safety guidelines.
The solution proposed by Palamatic was a system for emptying bulk bags and bags fitted with a bag compactor. The powder is then fed to a vibrating screen to remove any foreign objects and is transferred by vacuum transfer to a cyclone which is used to feed the Liquidverter (powder moistener).
A type IGSC 900 vibratory sieve was proposed. The sieve can be used for direct inline installation in pneumatic conveying pipelines to guarantee a high quality final product with flexible and ergonomic feeding. It is used to protect downstream machinery by eliminating foreign bodies and agglomerates as well as to guarantee the quality of the powder. By design, the vibrating screen does not have any retention zone. The flange assembly ensures precision assembly and disassembly.
Palamatic Process proposed the VFlow05® continuous vacuum pneumatic conveying system, which is designed to respect the physical characteristics of the powders and granules. It is suitable for difficult products with zero retention and does not degrade the material. It also helps to maintain a healthy and dustfree atmosphere. 
The company says that over the past 25 years it has carried out more than 2000 similar installations throughout the world, for a wide range of clients including Arkema, Bayer, Barry Callebaut, Cargill, Dow, Dupont, Goodyear, Mondelez, Nestlé and Solvay. 
Palamatic’s vibratory sieve and (below) discharge station for sacks and bulk bags

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