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15.10.2018 SYMACH holds bagging/palletising open day

SYMACH, Terneuzen, the Netherlands – part of Barry-Wehmiller Packaging – on 5th October organised an open house event which was attended by more than 1500 visitors from as far afield as Russia and Australia. Company staff and engineers were on hand to explain the various workstations, palletizers and bagging machines. The presentation of the new generation palletising system attracted a lot of attention, especially the novel patented Rotax positioning head.

The current SYMACH palletizer can stack up to 36 bags per minute. For some plants, this speed is insufficient to keep up with two packaging lines or a double packaging line. This demand for more speed pushed the SYMACH engineers to innovate. An incremental improvement would not have been sufficient. A conceptually new approach to palletising was required, namely: the Rotax positioning method.  Because the new positioning head can receive a bag from four sides instead of the traditional one, many rotations are saved. Higher capacity with fewer movements, is therefore the essence of this SYMACH development.

The FILLstar packaging machine, introduced in 2016, has quickly become an international success.  This was evident from the pet food bagging machine with double spout for PE-PET and WPP bags and the sugar bagging machine for paper and WPP bags, which were on display in Terneuzen. The focus on pet food, animal feed, rice, sugar and seeds is said to be paying dividends. Many visitors came specifically to witness demonstrations of these machines. The ability to offer complete lines, weighing system, bagger, palletizer, and wrapper to its key markets has proved to be a driver for strong growth.

The SYMACH palletizer with Rotax positioning head can stack up to 46 bags, over 25% more than before. The first four palletizers equipped with the Rotax head will be installed at a customer's facility in March 2019
The FILLstar packaging machine, introduced in 2016, has quickly become an international success


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