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22.10.2018 Magnetic separator audit at Ryvita factory

Bunting Magnetics, Berkhamsted, UK, has conducted a thorough review of all the magnetic separators installed at the Jordans Dorset Ryvita plant in Poole, Dorset.  The audit was completed over three days, including attending the site on Saturday to prevent any loss in production.

An audit of this type involves the inspection and test of magnetic separators to confirm their magnetic and physical integrity.  Commonly, such tests are conducted annually, with the final report forming part of the company’s quality audit process. 

The tests are conducted in two stages.  Stage one involved the inspection of the physical integrity of the magnetic separator.  This includes checking welds, and assessing any wear and damage to the surface.  Stage two involves testing the magnetic strength of the separator.  These tests are conducted by placing a magnetic ball or plate into the magnetic field and then measuring the force (in kgs) needed to remove that object from the surface of the magnetic separator. 

The metal test piece is attached to the end of a spring balance and then placed into the magnetic field, being attracted to the magnetic pole.  The metal test piece is then pulled off the surface of the magnetic separator whilst holding the other end of the spring balance.  The amount of force needed to remove the metal test piece from the surface is recorded (in kgs).  The test is repeated three times and an average reading taken.


Spring balance and magnetic test piece employed by Bunting engineers during the Jordans Dorset Ryvita magnetic separator audit

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