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19.11.2018 Expedited delivery of flexible screw conveyors

Flexicon Europe, Whitstable, UK, reports that flexible screw conveyors in popular sizes are now available for delivery in two-five days as ready-to-assemble packages as part of the company’s ‘Quick-Ship’ programme. Conveyor tubes and screws can be supplied in any length from 3 to 12m and in diameters from 67 to 115mm OD.

Also included as standard are a stainless steel floor hopper, 45 or 90 degree discharge adapter, TEFC or wash-down duty motor, and water-resistant control panel. All product contact surfaces are of stainless steel with the exception of the polymer conveyor tube. Non-product contact surfaces are of carbon steel construction with durable industrial finish. Stainless steel screws are supplied in a range of geometries matched to the material being conveyed. Options include a hopper flow promotion device, hopper cover with unflanged inlet port, hopper screen and low-level sensor.

The screw is driven beyond the point at which material exits the discharge housing, preventing material contact with seals and related risk of bearing failure and product contamination. The screw can be removed through a lower end cap for washdown and inspection, and the conveyor tube flushed with water, steam or cleaning solution.


As part of Flexicon’s ‘Quick-Ship’ programme, popular sizes of flexible screw conveyor can be delivered in 2-5 days

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