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26.11.2018 Gentle belt conveying of fish feed

ContiTech, Hannover, Germany, reports that its Continental Sicon enclosed belt conveyor system is being used to transport fish feed at the Ocean Farm 1 fish farm which has been floating in the Atlantic Ocean since November 2017. With a diameter of 110m and a volume of 250,000 cubic metres, the facility has sufficient capacity to breed 1.5 million or 8000t of salmon in 14 months. Operated by Ocean Farming, a subsidiary of SalMar, it incorporates some 20,000 sensors, which allow fully automated monitoring and feeding of the fish. For more than a decade Sicon conveyors have been proving themselves for gentle transport of fish feed, both within factories and for loading the feed on to ships and conveying it on-board.

If compressed fishmeal pellets are put under too much strain, fine particles can separate and settle on the seabed. This can result in excessive algae growth and water pollution. Sicon enclosed belt conveyor systems are optimally designed to protect the fish feed. One of the biggest challenges in developing this technology was finding the right compound for the belt. “The pellets are made of fishmeal and fish oil, so we developed a special rubber compound that is oil resistant and meets the requirements of the fish feed industry,” explained Continental’s Daniel Grimes. Development of the Sicon belts for the Ocean Farm 1 pilot project involved an additional factor in that the salmon farm is out in the middle of the ocean. Its conveyor belts are exposed to wind and weather conditions. This is why ContiTech further optimised the compound so that the belts are able to cope with these demands and are also seawater resistant. In addition to the Ocean Farm 1 facility, there are five Sicon systems currently installed on-board ships as well as two in a fish feed factory. 

Continental’s enclosed Sicon belt conveyor system ensures gentle handling of fish feed on Ocean Farm 1 (photo: SalMar)


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